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The Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiatives for the future" headed by Igor Iankovskyi actively develops the main direction of its activity which is support of the children’s creativity. The Charity Foundation "Initiatives for the future" arranges and conducts national creativity competitions in which the young artists – children from the whole Ukraine - can participate. The participants receive certificates and diplomas, prizes as well as chances to present their talents to the world. Development of talents of the youth is a noble and important mission and in the process of performing of this mission we try to create highly cultured society. For the time of its existence the Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation arranged many contests and events. Pictures, paintings, works of the winners were presented at unique art exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels, at the Ukrainian Information and Cultural Center in Paris as well as at the XXIV Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland).

The purpose of these contests is development of the children’s art, discovering of new talents as well as presentation of the Ukrainian children’s pictures at international exhibitions as one of the ways for promotion of talents, Ukrainian culture and the highly developed state of Ukraine within the world community.


Dear friends,

IGOR IANKOVSKYI FOUNDATION “INITIATIVE FOR THE FUTURE” is hereby invites to participate in the VI-th All-Ukrainian Children's Competition “UKRAINE OF THE FUTURE”.

The world around us is rapidly evolving and developing. Scientific and technological progress is changing countries and cities in an accelerated manner. Sure thing, this cannot but exert some action on Ukraine. Sometimes, even adult person cannot easily imagine what Ukraine will be in several years. However, the imagination of children knows no limits.

The future is continuation, consequence of current situation. This present day we are witnessing events that shape the future. Every person may influence events and changes. The future shall trace its roots in the present.

The topic of “UKRAINE OF THE FUTURE” Competition is aimed at affording Ukrainian painters an opportunity to express their ideas about the future of their country, draw the image of Ukraine, where they would like to live, study, develop themselves today and in the future. It’s up to each and everyone of us to decide what would be the future of Ukraine.

We hereby kindly invite all children of Ukraine to share their vision of the future of our country by using of artistic endeavor and drawings.

Young painters aged from 5 to 17 inclusive are invited to participate in “UKRAINE OF THE FUTURE” Competition. All you need to participate in the Competition is to create a drawing of A3 or A2 paper size on a stated topic. Creative work (drawing) may be performed using any drawing technique – pencils, paints, markers, pastel – depending on the fantasy of the young painter only. The winners determined by Competition jury will be awarded with valuable gifts.

Artistic works are accepted from March 26 till May 26, 2018.

To familiarize yourself with the terms and condition of Competition, be sure to visit:

  • website of Foundation: www.iff-charity.org 
    To understand the participation rules, be sure to read:
  • attached Regulations on Competition.

To register your participation, be sure to fill in and sent us:
Application for participation in Competition;
Author Agreement on Transfer of Exclusive Property Rights to Work of Visual Art.

With deepest respect and best wishes of creative inspiration,
Igor Iankovskyi All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation
"Initiative for the Future"

If you are interested in any information about the Competition,

please feel free to call: 
+38 (067) 247 59 31, 
+38 (067) 550 35 90.

Please, read the terms and conditions of participation in the Contest. Please, note that the application form and copyright agreements to print and transfer data and to make drawings to be submitted for the competition. The details are outlined in the following files:


ORDER FORM (up to 14 years old)
ORDER FORM (from 14 years old),

(up to 14 years old)

(from 14 years old)

Also, please, be sure to read the samples of documents:
Example of the Order for participation (up to 14 years old), 
Example of the Order for participation (from 14 years old).

(up to 14 years old)

(from 14 years old)




  • Art contests


The project entitled “National children’s drawing contest” has been conceived by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation “Initiative for the Future” in 2012 with the aim of revelation and support of talented children in fine arts. The most large-scale creative competition in Ukraine, that is being held once a year, serves to unveil new and bright talents of our country to the world. The contest multiplies the geography of participants regardless of borders, collecting pieces from Kyiv to New-York.

Summing up the first nation-wide project on the 16th of June 2013, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation announced the winners of the I National children’s art contest entitled “My native land – Ukraine”, officially marking the start of exhibition of the best young artists’ pieces in the hall of “Art center “Chocolate House”.

“I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported the creative appeal of the Foundation, took part in the contest and helped us to reveal the new talents among artistic children. Today we confidently state – we’ve been passionately supported by the whole nation!”, - underlined Igor Iankovskyi.

The contest became a truly nation-wide event since kids from all-over Ukraine take part in it, being supported by their parents, their teachers from art schools and studios. Such enthusiasm enabled the Foundation to collect more than 700 pieces in 1,5 month from every region of Ukraine. This is another confirmation of the scope of creative activity of our children.

All finalists of the contest have been acknowledged by diplomas and certificates, the winners have also been awarded with valuable prizes – vacations in international children’s camp “Artek”, professional art kits and instruments.

The underlying concept of the II National children’s art contest “My peaceful Ukraine” in 2014 was the dream about the united, peaceful and undivided Ukraine. The idea generated enormous response among young artists from every region of Ukraine, who submitted over 600 pieces for this edition.

“FAITH. HOPE.LOVE.” - those human values, understood by each and every person on Earth, were chosen as a motto for the III National children’s art contest, organized and conducted in 2015 by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation. And it was for the young artists to recreate in their drawings the vivid and colorful diversity of these words’ perception.

In 2016, the IV National children’s art contest “UKRAINE: THE WAY TO PEACE!” received 500 pieces. The finals of the contest gathered more than 260 young artists and their parents from all-over Ukraine. Professional jury of the contest has chosen 40 finalists in 13 nominations.

The theme of the new Children drawing competition began in 2017 - "UKRAINE – THE LAND OF TALENTS".

The unique compilations of young contest finalists pieces have been exhibited in many countries:

2013 – Brussels (Belgium), the European Parliament, art exhibition “Ukraine through children’s eyes”;

2014 – Krynica Zdroj (Poland), XXIV Economic Forum - art exhibition “My peaceful Ukraine”;

2014 – Paris (France), Ukrainian Center of Culture and Information of the Embassy of Ukraine, art exhibition “My peaceful Ukraine”;

2015 – New York (USA), United Nations Headquarters, art exhibition “FAITH. HOPE.LOVE.”.


November of 2013 has been marked by a unique event, organized by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation – for the first time in its history, the European Parliament in Brussels hosted an exhibition-performance of children’s artwork “UKRAINE THROUGH CHILDREN’S EYES”. The event generated an unknown interest among the deputies from different European countries, diplomats and international mass-media representatives. The solemn concert, along with the art exhibition, presented the talented Ukrainian youth to the European community, whose musical and artistic creations are truly amazing.

“Ukraine is a modern European country. I’m joyful today to present our country’s new generation to Europe. This presentation is unusual – it has been made by children’s drawings, by the future creators of our State. All the pieces have been created by little Ukrainians, who are dreaming about happiness and reflect their dreams in these chef-d’oeuvres, that impersonate their vision of the future. These pieces are the best way to reproduce the aspirations of this new generation of Ukrainians, who remembers the history, values the achievements of their ancestors, while proudly dreaming to become the new genius minds of the XXI century. I am sincerely convinced that our exhibition will represent Ukraine to the European community in the best way imaginable!”, - noted Igor Iankovskyi.

In September 2014, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation “Initiative for the Future” has organized an art exhibition “My peaceful Ukraine” as a side-event of the XXIV Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj (Poland). The exhibition’s compilation comprised the finest pieces of the National children’s art contest.

In October 2014, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation “Initiative for the Future” has opened the first exhibition of children’s artwork in Paris. The Foundation brought to France 60 finest pieces of the II National children’s art contest “MY PEACEFUL UKRAINE”. The solemn opening reception gathered at the evening more than 100 guests in a mansion that once belonged to Alain Delon.

In November 2015, Igor Iankovskyi National Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, has, for the first time in history, held the art exhibition «FAITH. HOPE.LOVE.» in the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

On the 24th of November, the spacious lobby of the United Nations Headquarters invited the States’ permanent representatives to the United Nations, UN Secretariat staff, diplomats, journalists, artists and gallery owners to enjoy the artwork of young Ukrainians.

The opening ceremony has been attended by permanent representatives – chiefs of missions to the UN from Finland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Belarus, Fiji Islands and a number of African countries. Furthermore, the exhibition has received the attention of the Head of the 70th UN General Assembly and the ex-speaker of Danish parliament, Mogens Lykketoft.


With the aim of revive and develop the traditional Ukrainian arts, along with the traditions of charity, every spring Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation is conducting a unique creative project dedicated to Easter: “Universe of children’s pysanka”. The contest is being held in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv and Poltava regions for all kids who want to create a traditional colored Easter egg – the “pysanka”.

The first contest’s edition has been held in 2014 in partnership with “Podillya Poultry Factory” for children from villages Stepanivka and Voronovytsia (Vinnytsia region). It gathered more than 90 pysankas of every type and size, in every imaginable technique: from traditional wax painting to embroidery and papier-maché. The jury members have underlined, that it was almost impossible to choose the best from this variety and every work merited an attention because it had been created by a child.

Next editions of the contest in 2015 and 2016 greatly extended the geography to Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv and Poltava regions. Each year the scope of the contest grows, so is the creativity of its participants. And the finals became a long-awaited festival with musical and poetic performances by little participants and their friends.

In 2016, children’s Easter eggs from the contest were given for artistic examination to the Museum of Pysanka (Kolomyia city) that is unique establishment in the world dedicated to this tradition. And the Foundation plans to extend the contest further! The children's masterpieces deservedly received the highest scores!