"Initiative for the Future" – is a Ukrainian Charity Foundation, founded by Igor Iankovskyi - a successful Ukrainian businessman, financier and philanthropist. Charities unite like-minded people in a common goal - to develop and implement educational and cultural programs in Ukraine. Activities of the charitable fund in Ukraine are based on voluntary initiatives.

Since its creation, the charitable fund in Ukraine supports talented young people from all over Ukraine, contributing to the creation of a highly cultured society. The Foundation has a strong international dimension, having successfully completed a range of charitable programs in Ukraine and projects abroad.

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ACTIVITIES of the Igor Iankovskyi charity foundation:

Educational and research programs. Objectives: to promote the development of culture, science, assistance to talented children, students, young scientists.

Medical and rehabilitation programs. Objectives: to promote a healthy lifestyle, the development of mass physical culture, tourism and sports; improving the health care system, the direction of monetary charitable funds for the social rehabilitation of low-income, disabled hostilities and war veterans, the unemployed and other needy persons.

Historical and cultural programs. Objectives: to improve the historical and cultural environment, the preservation of cultural heritage, etc.

Environmental programs. Objectives: the protection of the environment and natural reserves in Ukraine.

Charitable Foundation "Initiative for the Future" is always open to cooperation with those who are just like us, progressive and share our aspirations, wishes to contribute to the development of charity and cultural society in Ukraine.

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  • Since its creation, the Foundation supports talented young people from all over Ukraine, contributing to the creation of a highly cultured society. The Foundation has a strong international dimension, having successfully completed a range of projects abroad: in Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and the USA.

    • The largest in Ukraine annual National children’s drawing contest "MY NATIVE LAND - UKRAINE", in 2013; "MY PEACEFUL UKRAINE" - 2014, "FAITH.HOPE.LOVE" - 2015, “UKRAINE: THE WAY TO PEACE” - 2016; "UKRAINE - THE LAND OF TALENTS" - 2017;
    • "Days of Ukrainian Cinema abroad", already conducted in Amsterdam, Budapest, London, Munich, Rome and Paris together with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency (2014 - 2017);
    • Sponsorship of a cinema project with extremely high social significance: “Watch Ukrainian – create your future!”; 
    • Wide presentation of the modern Ukrainian cinematography, organizing notably the Ukrainian receptions within the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival (2013 - 2017);
    • Presentation of the contemporary Ukrainian cinema and Ukrainian Reception at Karlovy Vary and Tallinn Film Festivals;
    • Organization in partnership with Ukrainian State Film Agency of the special event “MEET UKRAINIAN PRODUCERS” business lunch, for the first time in history of Cannes Film Festival (2016 - 2017);
    • Creation and support of “UKRAINE: THE WAY TO PEACE” Short film contest (2015 - 2016);
    • Exhibitions of children’s paintings abroad: "Ukraine through the children eyes" at the European Parliament in Brussels (2013); "MY PEACEFUL UKRAINE" within the XXIV Economic Forum in Poland (2014); "MY PEACEFUL UKRAINE" in Paris (2014), "FAITH.HOPE.LOVE" at United Nation Headquarters (New York, 2015);
    • Conducting and supporting the "Civic projector" short film festival in Mykolaiv (2014 - 2017);
    • Supporting a unique creative project “Cinema Summer Camp of Peace” with NGO “Yellow Bus” for children living in the conflict zone of Ukraine;
    • Publication and presentation of the music collections "Bandura Style", by the talented young virtuoso bandurist Yaroslav Dzhus;
    • Conducting the creative project dedicated to Easter: “Universe of children’s pysanka” – the contest for children that is being held in several regions of Ukraine;
    • Cooperation with NGO “National organization for IDPs” and providing the recreational trips for 90 children from Ukrainian conflict zone;
    • Realization more than 70 socially-oriented charitable projects in several regions of Ukraine.

    This is the short history of Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation’s activities that have been implemented successfully, but what is the most important – that have done a real social difference and generated great cultural impact far beyond Ukraine.

UCF "Initiative for the Future" will offer a lot of interesting ideas of charity, perhaps, in which you will take a part.

Together we can do a lot, and it will be the starting point to the goal, the successful and prosperous future!

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