Mission and principles Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future"

The mission of Igor Iankovskyi Ukrainian Charity Foundation “Initiative for the Future” is carrying out charitable programs, projects and events for the benefit of society and particular categories of people. The Fund also strives to find and realize the most effective solutions of pressing social problems, and use innovative approaches to planning and implementing charitable programs, to achieve a long-lasting and stable positive effect.

The Fund follows good traditions of Ukrainian charity, charity organizations in the world, does its best to preserve cultural and historical heritage, solves pressing social problems, and supports education, science and health care.

Principles of the Fund’s work

  • Independence. The fund is a legal person – charitable, non-commercial, non-governmental organization, created solely for charity purposes, and independent of any influence.
  • Transparency. Financial processes taking place within the Fund are transparent and clear for all the parties involved.
  • Innovation. The Fund is constantly in search of new ideas and approaches for effective cooperation with benefactors, non-commercial organizations, mass media and society. It seeks to adopt the world’s best practices.
  • Law abidance. The Fund acts in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, general norms and principles of international law. The Fund scrupulously follows regulations on charity work.
  • Self-identity. We are open for all positive ideas and initiatives, but we reserve the right not to support initiatives which don’t comply with or oppose our principles and values.
  • Efficiency and responsibility. We do our best to choose the most efficient methods and mechanisms in our work, for it to be of the greatest possible use to people.