Iankovskyi Foundation kick-started the IV National children's drawing contest “Ukraine: the way to peace!”

On the 16th of March 2016 in the “UNIAN” press-center the patron of the National charity foundation “Initiative for the future” Igor Iankovskyi has announced the beginning of the all-Ukrainian children’s art contest “Ukraine: the way to peace!”. Thus, the fourth annual edition of the biggest children’s art contest in our country, which is traditionally held by the Foundation in spring, has officially kick-started.

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Addressing to the audience of the conference, the patron of the National charity foundation “Initiative for the future” Igor Iankovskyi noted, that the Foundation has received more than 2500 of young artists’ pieces for the tree years of contest’s history. This fact confirms the great number of talented and creative children in Ukraine. “I am confident that the contest’s subject will catch the interest of young Ukrainians. I know that our children will communicate their peaceful life position, their dreams and views on building the peaceful life in Ukraine with vividness, clearness and diversity”. Also the patron invited future contest’s participants to draw positive and optimistic pieces to transmit these positive and warm feelings.

The subject of this year’s contest is “UKRAINE: THE WAY TO PEACE!” According to Igor Iankovskyi it represents the aspiration of not only young generation, but of the entire Ukrainian nation for peace and prosperity. It is not a coincidence that it repeats the subject of the short film contest, which was inaugurated by Igor Iankovskyi in the end of previous year.

All the children from 5 to 17 years from all the regions of Ukraine are eligible to take part in the contest. The pieces have to be made on paper of A2 or A3 format in different drawing techniques. The pieces are accepted for two month from 16th of March to 16th of May 2016.

Vladyslava Hrechkosiy, the winner of the first art contest “My native land – Ukraine”, which was held three years ago, has noted the great significance of children’s art contests for young artists, who just started their journey. “Being a simple student, I was impressed by being able to win the 2013’s contest in a fair competition. This fact really gave me the confidence in my own abilities and my art. It gave me the wings and opened new horizons, which influenced my art as well. The important stage was the trip to the children’s camp “Artek”, where I met interesting people and acquired important knowledge. Also I’m very grateful to the Foundation for the invitation to the jury of the youth section of the “Molodist” film festival, where I was judging the art pieces of other people. That experience was unforgivable”, - Vladyslava shared her impressions and encouraged other young artists to actively perpetuate their talent and not to be afraid of sending their pieces to the contest.

Mariya Zvolynska, the winner of the IIIrd drawing contest “FAITH.HOPE.LOVE”, also shared her feelings and experience of the participation in the last year’s contest. “When I decided to take part in the contest, the most important question for me was: could I accomplish something by myself? This winning became a very important event in my life, it gave me the confidence in my own abilities and opened the world new and positive emotions to me”, - told Maria. By the end of her speech she thanked Igor Iankovskyi for the organization of the contest and wished luck to this year’s contestants.

Traditionally, the winners of the IV National children’s art contest will be rewarded by valuable prizes. The pieces of the finalists will be included in the 2017 calendar. The patron of the Foundation, Igor Iankovskyi, promised that this year the exhibition of the finalists’ and winners’ pieces will be seen largely by fellow citizens in different cities of Ukraine.

It is to recall that the results of the previous contests “My native land – Ukraine”, “My peaceful Ukraine” and “FAITH.HOPE.LOVE” were exhibited in the world’s cultural capitals in France, Poland and Belgium. The last grand-scale exhibition was held in the end of 2015 in the United Nations Headquarters in New York, which was attended by diplomatic representatives and guests of the city from all-over the world.

Dear friends! Welcome on the web-site of the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation, which dedicated to the contest drawing. March 16, 2016 we started the contest - IVth Ukrainian drawing competition "UKRAINE: THE WAY TO PEACE!".
We invite you to read the terms and conditions of contest participation, in more detail. 
Please, read the important information outlined in the following files:


ORDER FORM (from 14 years old)ORDER FORM (from 14 years old),

AUTHOR'S CONTRACT (before 14 years old)AUTHOR'S CONTRACT (from 14 years old);

Also, please, be sure to read the samples of documents:
Example of the Order for participation (before 14 years old)Example of the Order for participation (from 14 years old).

Example of the AUTHOR'S CONTRACT (before 14 years old)Example of the AUTHOR'S CONTRACT (from 14 years old).
We wish to all participants success, inspiration and good luck!

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