Exhibition of winners of the Children's drawing contests "Ukraine through children eyes" was opened at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

On November 6, 2017, an art exhibition of the winners of the Children's Drawings Competition "Ukraine through children' eyes" was opened at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, which was held by the Igor Iankovskyi All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" for 5 years.

plakat A2 Сторінка 1 sThe cultural event was opened by Igor Iankovskyi, founder of the "Initiative for the Future" Charitable Foundation and Yevhen Nyschuk, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine. Also, the ceremony was attended by young artists - winners of last year's contests, parents, teachers, directors of art schools and studios.

On the eve of the walls of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine turned into a colorful gallery, consisting of dozens of works by young artists. The exhibition of children's drawings "Ukraine through children eyes" was created from the winning paintings of the All-Ukrainian Children's drawing contest organized and organized by the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation for the Future Initiative for five years. The exposition includes 66 winning paintings in contests "My peaceful Ukraine" (2014), "Faith. Hope. Love. " (2015)," Ukraine: the way to peace" (2016), "Ukraine is the land of talents" (2017). Their authors are young artists from all over Ukraine aged 5 to 17 years.

Министр культуры Евгений Нищук и основатель Фонда Игорь ЯнковскийSpeaking to the guests, Igor Iankovskyi, founder of the Charity Foundation “Initiative for the Future”, said: "The Foundation organizes the largest children's drawing competition in Ukraine for 5 years, and during this time we presented children's work not only in Kiev, but also in New York, Brussels, Paris And here is the exposition of the best paintings deployed in the premises of the Ministry of Culture. Over the past years, good partnership relations with the Ministry of Culture, Ukrainian State Film Agency have been built up. And this is great, when all interested parties - both philanthropists and the state - are working for the good of Ukraine. I understand that not the all participants in our competition will become an artists, not everyone will choose professions related to art. However, I'm absolutely convinced that a sense of harmony, a sense of beauty will accompany them throughout life".

Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyschuk emphasized the importance of holding children's contests that develop the talents of young Ukrainians.

"Despite the fact that the Ministry of Culture is a public institution, we try to be open, and this is facilitated by a series of exhibitions in these walls. All those who come to the ministry, and here there are many delegations, including from abroad, will be able to receive aesthetic pleasure by looking at these beautiful drawings. I am very pleased that today an exhibition of children's works under the symbolic name "Ukraine through children eyes" is presented here. I can safely say that we have formed a partnership with the Foundation, which systematically supports cultural projects in various fields: cinema, fine arts, etc. Such support was important for us, together we represented Ukrainian cinema at international film festivals, organized exhibitions, and I am convinced that there will be a lot of joint cultural projects", - said Yevhen Nyschuk.

Игорь Янковский Евгений Нищук и победители пяти конкурсво детского рисункаSpeaking at the opening of the exhibition, young artists noted the importance of their support for their work and wished success to the new participants in the Children's drawing competition. And the family of young artist and repeated participant of the contest Liliya Doroshenko handed to Igor Iankovskyi a gift for an art painting "Patriots of Ukraine".

The exhibition "Ukraine through children eyes" will run from November 06 to December 06,  2017.

Recall that the All-Ukrainian Children's drawing competition was founded by the Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation "The Initiative for the Future" in 2013, with the aim of opening and supporting children's talents in the field of fine arts. The most large-scale children's creative competition in Ukraine is held once a year, and it is intended to open new bright talents of our country to the world.

During the five years of the Children's drawing competition:
- About 3000 works have been received.
- 2914 young artists from Ukraine took part in the competition.
- The works were sent by 177 educational institutions (art studios, art schools, academy of arts, art schools, etc.).
- 235 winners were awarded in 70 nominations. Young artists received sets of professional artistic materials, and the main winners were: trips to the Artek Children's Camp, Bukovel Children's Camp, Children's Camp "Time Indigo", Artek Bukovel Children's Camp, 10-day course from the Art Center "Aurum" »In m Odessa.

Exposition of paintings exhibited:
- in the "Art Center "Chocolate House", Kyiv;
- at the National Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation "Ukrainian House", Kyiv;
- in the National cultural-artistic and museum complex "Mystetskiy Arsenal" within the framework of the creative festival "The World in Children's Palms";
- in the “Kinopanorama” art-house movie theater and the cinema “Cinema Citi” within the framework of the Molodist-children program of the Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist, Kyiv;
- in the building of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium;
- within the XXIV Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland;
- in the Ukrainian cultural and information center of the Embassy of Ukraine in France, Paris;
- at the headquarters of the United Nations, New York, USA.


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