Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and Ukrainian State Film Agency introduced Ukrainian film in Tallinn

On November 29, 2017 Ukrainian State Film Agency, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation, and “Initiative for the Future” NGO introduced Ukrainian film at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), International Film Festival.

Игорь Янковский Tиина Локк Филипп ИльенкоThe Grand Hall of Nordic Hotel Forum festival hotel could hardly admit everyone wishing to talk to Ukrainian filmmakers. Ukrainian reception was visited by three times larger number of guests, then it was expected by the event holders – Ukrainian State Film Agency, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation, and “Initiative for the Future” NGO with the support of Association Helping Hand. Patron and businessman Igor Iankovskyi, Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, who holds the position of the Head of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival for many years, and Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency Philip Illienko have started off the reception.

According to
Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, Head of Film Festival, Ukrainian cinematography came to Tallinn seriously and for the long haul. It is no coincidence that from year to year both the number of Ukrainian delegation members and Ukrainian films that are shown on as apart of Festival are on the rise.

Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency Philip Illienko told about the rapid development of Ukrainian film industry in 2017, fast growth of filmmaking thanks to increased state support, as well as about the picture-taking prospect in coproduction with foreign producers.

“Five years ago, when we initiated the National Short Film Competition, started to bring = young filmmakers to the world film festivals in Cannes and Berlin, hold Ukrainian Cinema Days abroad, our goal was to revive the filmprocess in our country and to give boost to the emergence of new talents. Now we may see young filmmakers, who have brought to Tallin their full-length films projects. I am pleased that I bear a direct relation to this,” -
patron Igor Iankovskyi said.

The fate of Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker from Crimea, who is currently in the Russian torture chambers, was not forgotten at the event. Like at all the international film festivals, during the Ukrainian reception performance demanding the Russian authorities to immediately release the illegally condemned Ukrainian filmmaker from prison was put onstage.

Акция в защиту Олега Сенцова

This year, at the 21st Tallinn Film Festival, Ukraine was represented in all key programs. “The Gate” mystery thriller of Volodymyr Tykhyy contended for the grand prize of Festival’s main competition. Famous actress Irma Vitovska-Vantsa played one of the leading roles in this film. There was a vast number of positive reviews published by film critics on the day following the premiere, and the halls during all three shows were overcrowded.

Short film of Philip Sotnichenko “Technical Break”, which was recognized as the best short film, made the successful debut at the competition program of POFF Shorts International Competition Sleepwalkers and was awarded the main prize!

The future full-length gaming debuts of the winner of the National Competition filmmaker Kateryna Hornostay “Stop-Earth” and Berlinale participant Nariman Aliiev - “Back Home” were represented at Festival’s industrial section - Baltic Event Co-Production Market.

Our documentary filmmakers have also distinguished themselves. As a part of JF DOC @ Just program, the film “ProGamerof filmmaker Justin Agne was introduced. Joint production of this film was made by the USA, South Korea, Sweden and Ukraine. Five of 10 projects at B2B DOC Projects pitch were represented by young filmmakers from Ukraine.

Moreover, at various non-competitive programs of Tallinn Film Festival viewers could see three great Ukrainian premieres of recent months: film of Arkadii Nepytaliuk “The Strayed”, Ukrainian-Italian film of Andrea Magnani “Easy” and Ukrainian-Slovak film of Peter Babieca “The Line”.

Украинская делегация в Таллине
For several consecutive years patron Igor Iankovskyi gradually makes global promotion of young Ukrainian films. Thanks to this support, Ukrainian delegations may participate in world’s largest international film festivals - in Cannes, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Locarno and Tallinn. Igor Iankovskyi Foundation is awarding the grants to young filmmakers for the trips and participation in international film festivals. Want is more, thanks to the aid, rendered by “Initiative for the Future” Non-Governmental Organization, established by him, Days of Ukrainian Cinema were successfully held in Munich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Rome.

Tallinn International Film Festival Black Nights - (PÖFF) - is one of the largest and most distinctive film festivals in Northern Europe and the only film festival in the region, which is ranked among top 15 world’s film festivals. 
The festival includes a considerable number of various events, and three full-scale festivals (Animated Dreams, Just Film, Sleepwalkers) and events of the international film industry that bring together in Tallinn films and filmmakers from over 70 countries, from the USA to Asia.


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