Igor Iankovskyi: how can we realize the Ukrainian economy by innovations?

For the third consecutive year, the Ukrainian economy expects a long way to recover. Against the background of the war, the dominance of corruption, the crisis of the banking system, the loss of traditional markets, and the restructuring of the economy, GDP growth within the 1-2% seems rather substantial. According to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund, in 2017 the GDP of our country will be able to recover by another 2.5%.

The figures I cite are just the echo of the necessary economic growth. In order to really start to grow, annual GDP of Ukraine should be equal to the mark of 7-8%. But can we count on such a result in the near future?

My answer is, unfortunately, not already. We use an extensive method of economic recovery by resorting to either out-of-date technologies or simply exporting raw materials. Expectations on the growth of the agricultural sector are justified, but the whole process of growing cereals and other products for export - in most cases technologically outdated.

But the crisis is a time of opportunity. Is there a different way of development? Certainly so. We need to focus on high-tech production and export of technologies, not raw materials. At first glance, it sounds unrealistic, but since the mid-2000s Ukrainian IT-specialists and programmers have gradually, using only their brains and the Internet, gaining global IT -markets.

However, the IT-sector is not the most unique cluster that could become the engine of economic processes in Ukraine. We need to create and use some of our own unique technology proposals and to maintain leadership in these niches for a long time.

The analysis of the possibilities of creating such niches and the complex ways of their development in modern conditions in Ukraine for the first time became the theme of the scientific conference "Innovations unite the like-minded people", the participants of which were Ukrainian scientists, innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. Despite all the problems with the development of science, the source of "brains", the skepticism of young innovators and businessmen is not the most favorable conditions for development; Ukraine has the entire necessary base for high-tech economic recovery.

The main focus of the discussion was the thesis about who should become the driver of technology development in our country - the state or business? Thoughts are divided. Some conference participants are convinced that without the participation of the state, science and business will not be able to obtain qualitative conditions for development. Others are convinced that the state is a brake in any endeavors, and the less it takes participation in the fate of business and innovation, the more dynamically the technology will develop and more benefit society.

Of course, without the development of science and qualitative changes in education - not about any technological jump cannot be the language. The state in this direction should play a leading role. However, while talking about his systematic participation in the development of innovation environment prematurely.

For example, in the Russian Federation, they are trying to restore the traditions of maintaining science at the state level. It is about modernizing the Academy of Sciences by "pumping" the new structure into tens of billions of budget money. Old, tested by the Soviet system, way.

However, we do not have such financial possibilities. But there is somewhat more valuable thing - the possibilities for self-organization, creation and development of powerful horizontal ties. A strong institute of Ukrainian civil society gradually creates a "bottom" request for a different quality of life. We already have a public request for innovation infrastructure. Recently, we are witnessing a real boom in the creation of innovative and scientific hubs, platforms, forums, and co-workings.

Strong civil society is another competitive advantage, along with a strong science school and growing innovation activity. Not surprisingly, it is precisely it that now acts as the driver of change in the country.

It is important that civic institutions take on the development of innovations in Ukraine.

What do you need? No, not government is funding or billions of dollars in loans. All we need is to create a communication platform. "Lives" communication on similar communication platforms between the scientific community, between the business community with the further involvement of state figures and politicians. So that they can hear what opportunities exist today in the world, and that progressive can be brought to our country. What supports business and what innovators offer.

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