Oct 12 2016

The ultimate condition to start any business activity is positive thinking. Positive attitude is towards the accomplishment of your aim. Success depends not only on desire to do something, but also on believing in you. Just working effectively isn’t enough, it is crucial to make the public understand why this business is important to you in particularly.

It is ought to remark, that overconfidence is not the best assistant in business. It rather assures the leadership, which will sooner or later lead to failure without the reassessment of your strategy.

The additional risks are not something to be afraid of in business. They will rather modify the existing potential into something new than destroy it completely. I started my own business in 2001. While dealing in essential amino acids for animals, I decided that it would be interesting to try myself in the role of producer. That is how I eventually started a poultry farm.

The enterprise is situated in the Vinnytsia region and we started it from square one, as it was almost destroyed. Today, we are on the 5th place in egg production in Ukraine and on the 4th place in their export abroad. Speaking on the quantitative indicators, we had 15 000 chickens on the start, now their overall quantity reaches a million birds.

We are living under the conditions of innovative reality. This century will mark the stage of innovative changes in all the domains of human activity. Today, anyone could start a business. Those technologies that the multinationals were spending billions of dollars developing today could be used by anyone for some couple of dollars per day. The modern approach to business development is based on the searching for ideas that facilitate and improve the human life. The innovations will be the most important success indicator for the new generation’s businessmen, which will make it the most lucrative and attractive for all kinds of investments.

It is to be outlined, that the popular rule of business “Don’t be afraid – act”, is not working. While the mistakes provide some understanding of what to avoid, they don’t teach the right way to succeed. My advice is to use your own successful cases. Any business is built on the replication of the successful experience.

All you need is a simple action plan that will address the only question: what your client is willing to pay you for? If you can’t answer this question, nobody will give you money and the business will stagnate. The overly detailed plans are, in their turn, never being accomplished and will only confuse.

There are no deadlock situations: even if you started to accomplish your ideas, but the potential consumer didn’t get your message and didn’t pay for it, you should simplify the message and check whether your communication flows are reachable. Your client just might not found you, or you have been looking not in the right place.

It may sound too obvious, but the only way to make your business thrive is to play by the rules. This is what is being taught in all the Western universities on business administration. It is the understanding of this ultimate law of business that helped me to multiply the revenues of “Stirol” not by boosting the production, but rather by finding new markets for it. Vice versa the lack of the market economy leads to the dawn of the “savage capitalism”, without any rules and with the only law of the strongest.

The actual level of corruption in Ukraine leads to the increase of mistrust. Its level in our society is off the charts. And the main cause of it is the inhibition of economic growth. When businessmen discuss something at the negotiation table it means nothing. When it happens in the developed economies, it already is the cause of action. Subsequently, this approach accelerates all the business liaisons and developments.

Charity and social projects are not the tribute paid to fashion. This is an important stage of development of any successful business.
“Initiative for the Future” Foundation has been created by me in 2012, initially with the mission of helping talented youth from all-over Ukraine. After the military actions in Donbass region broke in, the Foundation also helps the children of IDPs, humanitarian and cultural missions. In the nearest future we are planning to open a separate division to support the innovations in Ukraine.

Your core team also has to be brought by you, no one could help you with this. Furthermore, your team has to believe in your cause. Otherwise they will constantly make excuses, telling you why this or that is impossible. Team is also a living being that could be influenced by different circumstances.

Other important accent is the lack of time. Where could you get some to start your business? To do this you couldn’t disburse, and stay focused exclusively on your cause, being the professional in the most interesting domain for human development as an individual. The devil is in details, so you should understand the principles behind an idea or technology.

I was never afraid to take action. Any action, even the smallest one, is the development of both your business and you. Even the smallest victories push your business further. The lack of results and stagnation could kill any creativity and motivation. Even if your project is the long-term one, you need your “small victories” at least once every two weeks. Intelligence and ideas are not enough. For business you will also need the will and ability to seize the opportunities. It is known, that the employee is solving tasks while the businessman is the one who seizes the opportunities.

References. Igor Iankovskyi is Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist, Head of the Supervisory Board of the National Charity Foundation “Initiative for the Future”. He is started his entrepreneurship in 2001. Today, those successful enterprises are gathered under Diamond Sphere Group. Holding develops in different sectors, such as financial services, maritime and railway logistics, agriculture and IT.

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