Both Ukrainian films recieved awards at the film festival in Locarno (Switzerland)

At the contest program of the jubilee of the 70th International Film Festival in Locarno (Switzerland), two Ukrainian films participated at once: Pavel Ostrikov's short film "Vypusk '97" and the Ukrainian-Italian film directed by Andrea Magnani "Easy". And both of these films received awards at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Especially came to Locarno to support Ukrainian participants, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, who noted that by the end of the year in Ukraine premieres of 12 domestic films will be held. All of them were partially or completely supported by the state and financed from the state budget of Ukraine.

"This year is incredibly full of Ukrainian premieres at international film festivals. The third festival in a row includes two Ukrainian tapes in the competition - Cannes, Karlovy Vary and now Locarno. And this is all festival group A - that is the most prestigious, legible. My foundation has been promoting Ukrainian cinema abroad for the past 5 years, and I am especially pleased to see the first results of this work. I always say that we have a very talented people. We have incredibly talented directors, actors, operators. And the prizes they receive at the world film festivals are a vivid confirmation of this, "said patron Igor Iankovskyi.

So, the film of the young Kiev director "Vypusk '97" was presented in the program "Leopards of the future" (Pardi di Domani). To participate in this section of the film festival, short films of directors who have not yet created full-length films are selected. The story of a lone teleporter was well received by the audience and became the best short film by the Molodist Jury version, having received Premio Giuria dei Giovani. The Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland) awarded the winner a sum of 1,500 Swiss francs.
By the way, the world premiere Vypusk'97 took place this year at the Odessa Film Festival, where the film received the main prize - "Golden Duke" in the category of the best short film in the national program.

The real sensation of the film festival in Locarno was also the Ukrainian-Italian tape "Easy", in which one of the roles played by well-known domestic actor Ostap Stupka. Already at the premiere, the audience lined up a huge turn to get into the largest covered room of Locarno. The program directorate of the film festival in connection with the unprecedented ensemble of films (premiere of 3000 seats and two shows for 500 seats were bought up in record time), organized an additional show of this tape. And each demonstration of the picture ended with stormy applause.

As a result, the performer of the role of the protagonist, Isa, the famous Italian actor Nicola Nachelli was awarded the prestigious award of independent critics of Boccalino d'Oro in the category "Best Actor".

The tape was created with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency, the Ministry of Culture of Italy and the regional audiovisual fund Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The production was carried out by Fresh Production Group (Ukraine), Vartlebyfilm and Pilgrim Film (Italy).

In fact, Locarno showed not two, but three films with Ukrainian participation. Within the framework of the film festival a special show of the military drama of Iney (Frost) directed by Sharunas Bartas was held. The tape is created in co-production of Lithuania, France, Poland with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency. The world premiere of "Ionia" was held in the program of the Cannes International Film Festival "Two Direction Directors", and the national one - within the framework of the 8th Odessa International Film Festival.

Locarno International Film Festival is ranked fourth in importance after Cannes, Venice and Berlin by the European Film Festival. Igor Iankovskyi All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation, together with the Public Initiative for the Future, with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency provided an opportunity for directors, actors and other members of the film sets "Issue '97" and "Easy" to visit the international film festival in Locarno and take part in its work.

Also, after the premiere of the film, together with its Italian counterparts, a party was organized in honor of Ukraine's participation in the prestigious movie screenings. The relaxed atmosphere of the meeting on the open verandas of the La Calambera restaurant has not spoiled even the pouring rain. Guests of the Ukrainian party cheerfully welcomed the Teatro Paravento, which is located just steps from the main stage of the film festival - the open-air cinema hall on Piazza Grande. Ukrainian and Italian film makers attended a party, who discussed further plans for creating joint films. We bring to your attention a brief photo report about the chronicle of events.

Charitable Foundation Igor Iankovskyi and NGO "Initiative for the Future" in partnership with Ukrainian State Film Agency have repeatedly conducted business lunches and festivities at major international film festivals: in Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Berlin, Tallinn. They also organized Days of Ukrainian Cinema Abroad: Munich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Budapest and Rome. The result of such meetings is the fruitful cooperation of Ukrainian producers and directors, new films shot in co-production, as well as the appearance of Ukrainian film premieres in national and international rental.

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