On October 5, 2017 will be held the training of innovative marketing and film distribution methods from the international organization EAVE

This event was organized jointly by the Association of the Ukrainian Film Industry and the Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future", the event will be held with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Filmmakers, producers, distributors, directors of cinemas, marketers are invited to participate in the training. The main goal of the training is to deepen participants' knowledge of international marketing, sales, distribution and use of innovative marketing strategies, and the creation and promotion of the audience.

EAVE (European Audiovisual Business) is the leading organization in the field of preparation, development and organization of a network for filmmakers in Europe. Training on marketing and distribution of cinema is one of the advanced training programs of the Institute. It combines considerable experience that EAVE has on the international market and the establishment of networks with an individual approach to the industry in Ukraine.

The unique method of training, developed by the company in 1988, combines training, development, networking and finding real business opportunities. It provides for the professional development of participants, by developing real cinema projects and connecting producers to the international market. The main objectives of such training are to ensure the development of professional capabilities of the region and to attract producers from different regions of the world to general film production. The unique international network EAVE has about 2000 manufacturers and key representatives of the film industry (sponsors, sales agents, distributors, etc.).

Training topics:
• marketing of b2b and b2c;
• marketing online;
• work with festivals and publicity;
• work with sales agents;
• choice between classical and alternative distribution methods.

Gudrun Buri (PR Factory, Belgium);
Virginia Deveza (Alpha Violet, France);
Joanna Soletskaya (Alhapanda, Poland);
Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido, Spain).
The working language of the event is English, with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

Time and place of the training:
October 5, beginning at 9:00, concert-hall "Bel`etage" (16a, Shota Rustaveli St., Kiev).

The training is free of charge by prior registration ( yA2).
The numbers of seats are limited. Deadline of the registration - October 1, 2017.
For additional information, please contact the official page of the Ukrainian Film Industry Association.

Training Schedule:
• 9:00 to 11:00
Marketing b2b and b2c, expert - Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido)
This session provides basic marketing knowledge that can be used by manufacturers. During the first part, some tips and recommendations on the known "business for business (b2b)" tools will be presented. In the second part, we will dig deeper and consider "tools for business" (b2c), which will allow manufacturers to create a professional marketing plan that would take into account the main audience. The conference structure and the PowerPoint presentation are designed to provide participants with a guide that they can use after the conference. The issue of working with marketing agencies will also be raised.

• 11:30 to 13:00
Internet Marketing and Social Networking, Expert - Joanna Solecka (Alphapanda)
We'll look at a lot of opportunities for advertising a movie on the Internet. We will concentrate on social media with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. We will talk about how to find and reach the target audience, as well as the time and resources needed for an effective promotion strategy. In addition, Joanna will show the best examples of promotions of social networks of short, documentary and animation films. After the presentation, there will be enough time to discuss your own projects and ask questions.

• 14:00 to 15:30
Festivals and publicity Gudrun Burie (PR Factory)
This is the presentation about the cheapest part of the marketing campaign of the film: free advertising. If you understand how the media work and use the choice of the festival, then you can save a significant portion of the budget for advertising costs.

• 15:30 to 16:30
How to work with a sales agent? Virginie Deves / Virginie Devesa (Alpha Violet)
This part of the film conference will give an overview of the current situation in the international market in terms of audience, project potential and sales, including advice on working with sales agents and ways to place a film project on the market. When do you need to attract a sales agent and what can you expect from them? What are the latest trends in festivals and how do you approach them?

• 16:30 - 18:00
A classic or alternative method of distribution? Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido)
This session explores the ways of distribution - the classic way and the new existing alternative methods. The advantages and disadvantages for both methods will be studied, tips will be given on how to find the right combination for the distribution of a particular project.
Alvaro Vega (Doblesentido)
Alvaro Vega is a highly qualified specialist in the promotion of films. After receiving a degree in marketing, advertising and PR, he spent five years (2007-2012) Managing marketing and promotional activities in Vértigo Films, one of the main Spanish distributors, is now under the structure of Wild Bunch. At this time, he has authored more than 60 films, from blockbusters to independent films. Currently, Alvaro is developing his activities as CEO and founder of DobleSentido, his own agency for marketing, communication, events and training, specializing in film.
Virginie Devesa (Alpha Violet)
Virginia studied languages ​​and communication in Lyon. She received a scholarship to study photography and business communications in the United States. She studied both in Kentucky (WKU) and in Seattle (UW). The first experience in the cinema was in Kiev. Virginia was part of the team that organized the film festival "Youth". On her return to France, she was hired by Celluloid Dreams, where she worked for 3 years. She studied film production at the CFPF in Paris and started working for Urban Distribtion as the head of the sales department. The experience allowed her to create her own company Alpha Violet, engaged in the advertising and distribution of films.
Joanna Solecka (Alphapanda)
Joanna successfully promoted numerous films to the most prestigious A class festivals, and also conducted two Oscar campaigns for the nominees Rabbit a laBerlin and Joanna. She brought her experience in Alphapanda to international PR and headed the Polish branch of the company, which covers the Eastern European market.
Gudrun Burie (PR Factory)
Gudrun Buri began her career at Belga Films, where she worked on such projects as Memento, Requiem for Dream, Sexy Beast and American Pie. After working briefly at ParadisoFilms as a marketing and communications manager, she claimed to be a successful independent marketing and advertising consultant and has been in this position for more than 10 years. Together with Barbara Van Lombek and Marie-France Dupan created PR Factory, and cooperates with such companies as Films Distribution, eOne, Le Pacte, Pictures Dept.

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