Sixth Civic Projector Film Festival Held with Support of  Igor Iankovskyi Foundation

Sixth Civic Projector Film Festival Held with Support of Igor Iankovskyi Foundation

Oct 16 2019

The sixth  Civic Projector Short Film Festival, which is held annually with the financial and organisational support by the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation “Initiative for the Future”, was successfully held in Mykolaiv.

The film festival had traditionally sparked the interest in Mykolaiv, which turned into the capital city of short films in Ukraine for two days. The Yunist Concert Hall with 800 seats was packed with people during the festival. This year, the opening of the festival was especially great owing to the support by the local authorities. The square in front of the concert hall had been decorated with the bright banners with the Civic Projector symbols, and all the guests walked along the wide red carpet, with the jazz band playing at the background, and were offered champaign. The festival was opened by Igor Iankovskyi, a philanthropist and businessman, and Oleksandr Sienkevych, the Mayor of the City.

The hosts introduced the judges of the film festival in the hall: Irma Vitovska, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, a winner of national cinema and theatre awards, an actress and public figure, Yevhen Nishchuk, a theatre and cinema actor and the Merited Artist of Ukraine and former Minister of Culture, and Pylyp Illienko, a producer and Head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency in 2014-2019.

Igor Iankovskyi, the main partner and associate of the festival, founder of the Initiative for the Future charity foundation, said that the festival had become an important cultural event for Mykolaiv and Ukraine, and had entered the international arena for the last two years.

“The Civic Projector Film Festival in Mykolaiv has turned into a large-scale event worth a lot of attention for six years of its existence. We have lots of participants from all over the country, the world-level judges, who are real experts in their industry, and even the international programme. I am happy that we have been supporting and financing this film festival since the first day, and we will continue. A very important thing is that we find more and more partners and like-minded people in Mykolaiv, who give the film festival new development opportunities,” claimed Igor Iankovskyi, a philanthropist and businessman.

The festival lasted two days, during which 18 films selected for the contest were shown. This year, the Mykolaiv film festival received more than 120 films not only from different regions of Ukraine, but also from abroad.

“I have already participated in the Civic Projector Film Festival, and coming to Mykolaiv in autumn has turned into a good tradition. I would like to point out that the film festival has improved greatly, the quality of the films participating in the contest has improved, which demonstrates the general tradition of revival of the Ukrainian cinema” said Pylyp Illienko.

The special event at the film festival was the first night of the documentary as of 2019, Malevich: Born in Ukraine, shot by director Volodymyr Lutskyi dispelling the myths of the Soviet and Russian propaganda and returning the world-famous genius to Ukraine. Also, the viewers were interested in the charitable show of the best short films of the Watch Ukrainian Project presented by Andrii Rizol, a producer and founder of Babylon Company. The films included into the package film participated in 220 contest and out-of-contest shows and received around 30 awards and prizes at 20 Ukrainian and 42 global cinema festivals. This project is also supported by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation.

In addition to the others, the Mykolaiv Mayor’s award was traditionally given at the closing ceremony. “People’s” Mayor of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Sienkevych, who always walks up the stage to the music of AC/DC, wished all the participants good luck and noted that the organisational level of the film festival had been improved. In the Mayor’s opinion, the Mykolaiv businessmen would soon understand that the Civic Project had turned into a real jewel of the city and would support it actively.

The musical zest of the festival was performance by the guest from Kyiv,  AINA project, who created the extraordinary stage show composed of singing, keyed and string instruments while the viewers were voting for the winner in the Audience Choice category.

Winners of the festival:

Best Feature Film

WINNER: Lesson by Mykhailo Illienko, Kyiv

Best Documentary

WINNER: Star for Anton by Kateryna Strelchenko, Dnipro

Best Animated Feature Film

WINNER: Navel Cord by Oleksandr Bubnov, Kyiv

Best Foreign Film

WINNER: Alice by Vasylysa Kuzmina, Moscow, Russia

Special Jury Award

WINNER: Coffin by Kadim Tarasov, Kyiv

Award by Mykolaiv City Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych

WINNER: One of the Kind by Anton Ryzhykh, Uzhhorod

Audience Choice

WINNER: Navel Cord by Oleksandr Bubnov, Kyiv

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