One of the key directions of the Igor Iankovskyi Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiatives for the future" is supporting creative initiatives of young people in the sphere of development of cinema, music and artwork.

Our mission is to find talents and to provide them opportunity to bring themselves to light and evolve successfully because it is the today's youth who determine the cultural future of our country.

The development of art in Ukraine is gaining a new momentum. Our country is rich in talents such as the young film directors, musicians and artists, who really deserve to be well known. With the support of the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation it became possible for young Ukrainian film directors to participate in such world-famous and recognized cinematographic contests as the Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale).

Charity and cinematography art - how it has begun

With the aim of developing modern cinema arts in Ukraine, in 2013 the Foundation has launched the National short films contest in cooperation with “Molodist” International Film Festival. Since then, the contest gathers the assembly of talented young directors whose movies are competing for victory for three years in a row.

The first “artistic competition” received more than 200 movies from young directors, among which the jury has chosen the winner – a movie “The Roadback” by young director Oleksandr Ratiy. In addition to the victory in a landmark cinema contest, impersonated in the “Scythian Deer” statuette, the winner and the finalists received an opportunity to participate in world famous Cannes and Berlin film festivals with the support of "Initiative for the Future" Foundation.

The period of 2015-2016 has been marked with booming tendencies in national cinema industry, judging by the number of young directors and the explosive popularity of the National contest. Edition of 2015 has received more than 400 applications. Finally, 23 short films have been competing for the grand prize of National contest ‘2015, including 4 animation films and 5 documentaries.

The contest’s first prize in 2014 has been awarded to Nikon Romanchenko for the movie about Maidan events entitled “Icons”, and in 2015 – to Kateryna Hornostai, the director of the short picture “Afield” (“Viddalik”).
Igor Iankovskyi, founder of "Initiative for the Future" Foundation, has noted: “We hope that the National contest that we are helping to conduct will evolve to a “launch platform” for talented young directors. As for us, we are planning to continue our support for talented cinema-makers, notably by enabling their participation at international film festivals.

The Foundation will seize its opportunities to promote our directors not only in Ukraine, but all-around the world. I dream, that those young directors, opened by our contest, would not only become the full-fledged participants of world-famous festivals like in Cannes, Berlin or Venice, but also gain their prizes there”.

The winner of the National contest traditionally receives the Festival’s Grand prize and a special award from Igor Iankovskyi Foundation. Each contest is followed by issuance of a DVD compilation, containing the best movies of finalists.
The Foundation supports the promotion of young Ukrainian cinema-makers on the world market, their participation at Berlin and Cannes film festivals and the presentation of Ukrainian cinema abroad.

Events within the frames of support of creative initiatives of young people

• 2013-2016: establishment of the National competition of short films within the frames of the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival that according to Igor Iankovskyi’s opinion is the launching point for talented young filmmakers and script writers. Selection and awarding of the winner.

• Presentation of the stand Ukrainian Film Corner as part of the Ukrainian delegation’s work at the 64th-67th Berlin International Film Festivals at February 2014 - 2017. During all time of the stand’s work there were held consultations about the new modern Ukrainian cinema and were presented the full-length Ukrainian films. On February 7, 2014 at Catwalk Bar at the Berlin Marriott Hotel with support of the Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" took place the presentation of the National Competition of the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival as well as the presentation of the first disk with films of the finalists. The presentation of short films at the Berlin Film Festival became a good opportunity to announce Ukrainian talents in the sphere of cinema at the international level.

• On May 14, 2014 was opened the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Thanks to the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival and support of the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation "Initiatives for the future" it became possible to send young Ukrainian directors to participate in the special program Short Film Corner. The idea of such participation emerged in 2013 within the frames of "Molodist" international film festival and was put into reality already in one year. According to the words of Igor Iankovskyi, ensuring of participation in such creative events will encourage young filmmakers for developing of their creativity, self-perfection and to forge new relationships on the international cinema market.

“Days of Ukrainian Cinema Abroad” is a project launched jointly by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and NGO "Initiative for the Future" in 2014. The aim of the project consists in the active promotion of modern Ukrainian cinema, enhancement and shaping of Ukrainian image abroad and creation of opportunities for Ukrainian cinema-makers to enlarge their contacts with foreign cinema industries.

The first “Days of Ukrainian Cinema Abroad” with the support of Iankovskyi Foundation have been conducted in December 2014 in Munich (Germany). Ukrainian delegation to the event was represented by Igor Iankovskyi, patron of the Foundation, Yevhen Nyshchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Pylyp Illienko, Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency, Andriy Khalpakchi, CEO of the “Molodist” International Film Festival, along with the team of young Ukrainian directors.
The projections of modern Ukrainian cinema have been held in the best halls of Munich Cinema & Television University. The event has been opened with a premiere of Ukrainian motion picture “Povodyr”.

In April 2015, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and “Molodist” International Film Festival, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency, have conducted the “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” in Paris. Press-conference, dedicated to the opening of the event has been animated by Igor Iankovskyi and Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. After the conference all the guests could enjoy the first show of “Ukrainian Argument” – a documentary dedicated to Euromaidan events in Ukraine. A solemn reception in honor of cinema-makers in Ukrainian Cultural Center on Avenue de Messine has adjourned the day.

In France, the project tended to get the audience acquainted with the new generation of Ukrainian cinema-makers, notably – the creators of documentaries about recent tragic events in our country, along with avant-garde mute cinema classics of late 1920, almost completely unknown to the world.

In December 2015, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and partners have successfully conducted “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” in London. During the events British spectators could enjoy a selection of modern Ukrainian pictures, including short films and documentaries, along with classical movies. The projections have been held in multicultural center RichMix situated in London art-district Shoreditch.

In April 2016, the “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” have been held in Amsterdam under the title «Ukraine on Film: Way to Freedom». Hosted in ancient cinema theater “Pathé Tuschinski”, the event has been the result of fruitful cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian State Film Agency, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation "Initiative for the Future" and cinema company “Arthouse Traffic”.

In November 2016, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and NGO "Initiative for the Future" have held the “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” in Budapest, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian independence and establishment of diplomatic relations with Hungary. The event was so popular among the Hungarian public, that the biggest hall of the Budapest’s main cinema theater – “Uránia National Film Theatre” - drew its capacity audience of 460 places.

In June 1-4, 2017 the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and NGO «Initiative for the Future» jointly with the Ukrainian State Film Agency, will conduct a “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” in Rome (Italy).

“This event has proven once more that Ukraine has its reasons to be proud. I am very glad that Ukrainian movie has reunited so much Hungarian spectators. That is our goal all along – to make Ukraine recognizable not only through political news about war and struggle with corruption, but also through cultural message, arts, and the achievements of our talented people. That’s why we will pursue the recognition of our country through the cultural diplomacy”, - noted the founder of the Charity Foundation and NGO “Initiative for the Future”, Igor Iankovskyi.

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