DSC 2315The final chord of Ukrainian filmmakers’ activities at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival (BERLINALE) became a reception in honor of Ukrainian filmmakers and music show cinema performance "The Circle of Dziga". The Eleventh" organized by the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center together with the All-Ukrainian Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

February 20, evening festive crowd flowed to the legendary art-house cinema - Kino BABYLON, located in the center of the East Berlin, near the Alexander Platz. Despite the fact that at the same time in another part of Berlin, at Potsdamer Platz, began on award ceremony Berlin International Film Festival, more than 300 visitors came to see "The Eleventh", a silent film in 1928 about Donbass, by brilliant filmmaker Dziga Vertov, and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere with young Ukrainian filmmakers to whom Iankovskyi Foundation provided the travel grants for trip to Germany and participation at BERLINALE 2016.


Opening the evening, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Germany, Andrew Melnyk said the outstanding contribution to the development of world cinema, which had at one time filmmaker Dziga Vertov and his brother, operator Mikhail Kaufman. Rise of creativity there is in Ukraine, when the 20 years of the last century at the newly opened Kiev art studio they have their best three avant-garde films. It is no accident for the results of numerous surveys of experts Dziga Vertov found the greatest filmmakers of all time, laid the foundations of a new cinema language.

DSC 2415

Also, the guests observed a minute of silent cinema the victims of the tragic events on the Maidan, who died two years ago. Do not forget about the new time of political prisoners, demanding the release of the torture chambers of the Russian and Ukrainians Sentsov, Kolchenko.

The Head of Ukrainian State Film, Philip Illienko stressed the importance of Ukraine in the world as the country's cinema, which has left its mark in the world of cinema. He stressed the importance of such screenings, which connect past and present national cinema.

Igor Iankovskyi, the founder of the Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" told that his family, father, grandfather many years are build the factories in the Donbass, developing industry. "I was particularly hurt that it's all destroyed in the fighting on East Ukraine. To understand the scale of the tragedy, it is necessary to watch a movie in 1928, dedicated to the industrialization of Donbass. It’s very important that knew about it abroad. In addition, Ukraine has always been an incredibly rich talent. We are proud of the past, and I'm sure will be proud of in the future. That's why we brought to Berlin a group of young filmmakers, winners of the competition that they recharge of energy from the International Film Festival and came to Ukraine enthusiastic to put their ideas on the screen!", - said Igor Iankovskyi.

Director of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center Ivan Kozlenko is stopped on the artistic features avant-garde film. "Eleventh" – is the Vertov’ the first experiment in implementing its programs invention separate from the language of theater and literature, a specific movie language in which the camera immediately records the raw matter of life; program, which was fully implemented in its next Vertov’ Ukrainian films.

The film "The Eleventh" has been restored at the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center at the end of 2012. Film demonstration in Berlin was preceded by an animated TV commercial film, which was created in 1928, probably animator Eugene Makarov with the participation of Dziga Vertov. This unique trailer 1920 was accidentally found only in the Netherlands in the early 1990s and mid-2000s transferred to Ukraine.

After watching tape of animation, the audience watched with bated breath unusually dynamic and vibrant cinema performance. Added elegance evening live music performed by the author - a famous composer Anton Baybakov. He and pianist Sofia Turtha specially flew to Berlin for a day to play live at the cinema performance. Musical accompaniment for the film by Anton Baybakov created commissioned by the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights Docudays UA within serial music cinema performances project "The Circle of Dziga". The end of the show was marked by prolonged applause.


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