Igor Iankovskyi all-Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future", in collaboration with the Alexander Dovzhenko National Centre, in support of Ukraine's participation in the 66th International Film Festival in Berlin - organize in the German capital the movie&music performans "Circle of Dziga. Eleventh". The show will be the final event in a series of Ukrainian activations of this year's Berlinale and in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the German Federal Republic.

"Eleventh" (1928) - the first of three avant-garde paintings, taken Dziga Vertov and his brother Mikhail Kaufman operator in Ukraine, on the basis of only the open Kiev studio APFM (All-Ukrainian photographic and film management). Dedicated to the success of the first five-year plan in the Donbass, the film tells the story of the accelerated industrial upgrading of the East of Ukraine, which caused the transformation of the agrarian country into an industrial country. "Eleventh" - the first experiment Vertov to the implementation of its program of the invention, separated from the language of theater and literature, a specific language film in which the camera directly captures the raw matter of life program, was fully implemented Vertov in his subsequent Ukrainian film "Man with a Movie Camera" (1929).

Screening of the film organizers want to draw attention to the past and future of Donbas region, whose industrial potential created for decades, was destroyed during the two-year war and covert Russian occupation.

Igor Iankovskyi, the founder of the All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" on this occasion said: "It is important to return to the world cultural context of masterpieces of Ukrainian cinema of the early 20th century. For many years, outstanding figures of national cinema, such as Dziga Vertov, were first banned and then cleared with the Ukrainian cultural map, dissolved in the mass of Soviet artists. Our task - to separate the Ukrainian cultural heritage of the general Soviet, to show the world that even in Soviet times, Ukrainian cinema had its own unique features, developed their own scenario. "

11 1200x1800 2editThe film "Eleventh" has been restored on the basis of the National Center of Alexander Dovzhenko at the end of 2012. Screening of the film will be preceded by an animated demonstration of a commercial film created in 1928 as an animator probably Eugenie Makarov, with the participation of the Dziga Vertov found in the Netherlands only in the early 1990s.

Musical accompaniment for the film created by Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov commissioned by the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights DocudaysUA within serial movie&music performance project "Circle of Dziga." Modern music for the film will perform live Anton Baybakov (electronics) and Sofia Tourte (keyboards).

February 20, 19:00, in the legendary art-house cinema Kino BABYLON (Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30) was built in the year "Eleventh" film release on the big screen, in honor of the cinema in Berlin, will be held Ukrainian reception.

Igor Iankovskyi all-Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" was also made by the sponsor of the trip at the Berlinale Ukrainian cinema delegation composed of young Ukrainian filmmakers, winners of the national competitions at international film festivals, providing them with travel-grants. The delegation will visit the festival Maxim Ksonda, Maxim Serdyuk, Nikon Romanchenko, Catherine Hornostay and Nariman Aliyev, whose film "Without you» / "Sensiz" will take part in the official competition program of the current Berlinale (Generation 14+ section).

Alexander Dovzhenko National Center ( - the largest Ukrainian Film Archive, the storage and restoration of national films, research and publishing in the field of cinema, film distribution and promotion of Ukrainian Cinema in Ukraine and abroad. The Center for the archive contains more than 5,000 names of Ukrainian and foreign films, thousands of archival documents and cinema heritages. "Circle of Dziga" - a series begun Dovzhenko-Centre music cinema performance in which pass the premiere of the restored Ukrainian avant-garde silent films accompanied by contemporary music.

"Initiative for the Future" - the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation, founded by Igor Iankovskyi - Ukrainian businessman, financier, philanthropist. "Initiative for the Future" supports talented young people from all over Ukraine, contributing to the creation of a cultural community in the future. Projects that have already been implemented by the charitable foundation, gained success not only in Ukraine but also in a number of European cities - London, New York, Brussels, Paris, Cannes.

Anton Baybakov - freelance composer and performer, working with well-known Ukrainian musical groups (DakhaBrakha, Katya Chilly). He writes music of 1998. The last five years of fruitful collaboration with the young Ukrainian filmmakers. Author of music for such famous Ukrainian film-winners of the international film festivals, as "Hvorisukalyudy" (dir. Yuri Richinsky 2011), "The Road" (dir. Maxim Ksonda 2012), "Shop songbirds" (dir. Anatoly Lavrenishin 2014) "Falling Leaves" (dir. Maria Kondakova 2014), "Euromaidan. Rough cut "(2014).

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