On April 25, 2018 at the conference hall #13 located at iForum 2018, the winners of Ukraine’s first Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge, held by Innovation House and Borsch Ventures, supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, were announced. iForum, SANOFI, Ukrainian Medical Association of the United Kingdom (UMAUK), and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine were the competition partners.
The interaction of scientists and business in Ukraine is a very topical issue of our time. Igor Iankovskyi, philanthropist and businessman, founder of the Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future", has been paying attention to this issue for a long time. On November 06, 2017 Igor Mykolaevych will participate in the discussion "Science, business, and innovations. What is the main?". During the round table with the participation of scientists and businessmen, we will find answers to the question of what innovation is, what innovations are of interest to business; are ready investors to invest in high-tech projects; and who has the first to start a dialogue - business or academics?
For the third consecutive year, the Ukrainian economy expects a long way to recover. Against the background of the war, the dominance of corruption, the crisis of the banking system, the loss of traditional markets, and the restructuring of the economy, GDP growth within the 1-2% seems rather substantial. According to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund, in 2017 the GDP of our country will be able to recover by another 2.5%.
This event was organized jointly by the Association of the Ukrainian Film Industry and the Igor Iankovskyi Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future", the event will be held with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Filmmakers, producers, distributors, directors of cinemas, marketers are invited to participate in the training. The main goal of the training is to deepen participants' knowledge of international marketing, sales, distribution and use of innovative marketing strategies, and the creation and promotion of the audience.
Last year Ukrainian government launched the most challenging, yet crucial medical and pension reforms. Large-scale social transformations are always painful: people are not ready to accept the new reality and reformers to explain the essence of the reform. Meanwhile, one of the spheres that have required a major update for a long time, experienced surface alterations so far. I mean the reform of secondary education.
Everybody is concerned by health issues: that’s why medicine will always be a fruitful field for the innovations. Nowadays it is being talked about 3D-printing of human organs. Fair enough, but the technology is only being tested, without massive application. Simultaneously, the field of early disease detection is being developed based on Big Data and artificial intellect possibilities.
A new discussion on migration “whether to go or to stay” emerges in Ukraine not for the first time. The main reason for such a question is the lack of understanding of the society’s development thrust. Meaning either the absence of the real vision, or the lack of consensus within society on where exactly are we going. And what are we trying to build in Ukraine.Let’s find out which communities supported the discussion and their reasons for that. Firstly – the creative cluster, meaning the citizens who know already what they want and see the possibilities for their ideas’ realization regardless of the territory or State where they could realize them. For these people there are no problems with migration – they regard it only as a way for more qualitative self-development. Secondly – the entrepreneurs. For this cluster what matters the most are the conditions for doing business. They will overcome all the difficulties if in the end they receive fewer headaches from the State. This includes not only taxes or fiscal methods’ introduction to fight “the informal”, but also omnipresent bureaucracy and being out of simple Ukrainian businessman’s problems. Which are quite numerous regardless of the State’s reforming agenda, being implemented already for several years. Yes, if the entrepreneurs have the possibilities and the vision of better conditions – they will be the first to leave. Thirdly – the young people. Which is the most active and passionate part of the society. What are they lacking here? Maybe, the quality of education that doesn’t automatically mean the competitiveness on the marketplace. In reality, the most talented youngsters will gladly go to study abroad. There’s nothing bad in this – at least a part of them will return in order to try to make some changes here. That is why the discussion on migration concerning the young people is not totally correct. Rather it is a matter of personal choice, implying the existence of possibilities nowadays, making the idea of studying abroad absolutely realistic. The last but not the least is the scientific and innovative cluster. For them the migration presents both the opportunity and the risk. On one hand, they could accomplish more in the specific sector, but on the other – their ideas could simply dissolve in more potent scientific clusters or become another “commercial victim” in long-lasting plans of some multinational corporation. In reality, all the above mentioned communities have a vision of their future in Ukraine that is different from the State (meaning contemporary politicians and bureaucrats). Nowadays we observe the most confrontational situation in those spheres where there is a competition for resources – speaking first of all about business and entrepreneurship development. However, the science has escaped from the keen interest of the State. New edition of the Bloomberg Innovation Index, issued in January, for the second year in a row testifies on the Ukrainian upsetting realities. The rating puts us on the 42nd place between Croatia and Serbia, which is one position lower than the previous year. Bloomberg Innovation Index considers such indicators as the intensity of research and innovations, production’s added value and economic output. The first place in the rating has been kept by the Republic of Korea, Sweden is on the second place and Germany – on the third. For example, the Republic of Korea leads the rating due to the highest rate of spending on scientific research and development, patenting activity, added-value industry and level of higher education. Despite of the State’s declarations on the need for scientific and innovative development, the State budget for 2017 pledges only 4 billion UAH for science. Which means only 0,16% from country’s GDP. Last year’s spending on research and development in Ukraine was only 0,8% of GDP or 2,5 billion UAH. Notionally the volume of State spending on science has increased, but in terms of percentage from GDP, on the contrary – declined. In developed countries, this indicator is on the level of 1,5% - 3% from GDP: these States invest dozens, if not hundreds billions of dollars into scientific research and development. The States leading the innovations’ ratings spend from 1,5% to 3% from their GDP, which is incomparable to our realities. For example, the United States’ budget in 2016 pledged $ 405 billion (or 2,7% GDP) for scientific research and development, China - $ 338 billion (2,1% GDP), Japan - $ 160 billion (3,7% GDP). It proves that the State’s interest in science and innovations in Ukraine is minimal. Is it good thing or bad thing? Does it make a good reason to leave? In my opinion – certainly not! As we speak, Ukraine has all the conditions for the new scientific cluster’s emergence, which could become the driving force of the economy in the nearest future. We possess maybe the most important thing – the absence of over-regulating and the possibility to create “the terms of game” in the innovative scientific cluster form square one. The most important thing is placing less hope into the providing role of the State. The civil society and its demand for the new quality of life are the most important horizontal links for innovative scientific development. There is no need to physically leave the country to fulfill the dream about Ukrainian scientific cluster. In times of digital technologies and hegemony of the Internet the main factors that matter are our ideas and strive for success.
It is amazing to witness the speed of technological expansion of today’s world. The innovations became an integral part of contemporary times. They are unstoppable. The mankind doesn’t resist them anymore, trying to use them for personal gains in terms of material revenue, time and cost efficiency, new opportunities for leisure and rest, health improves or even saving lives.
"RBK-UKRAINE". Igor Iankovskyi: The ultimate condition to start any business activity is positive thinking. Positive attitude is towards the accomplishment of your aim. Success depends not only on desire to do something, but also on believing in you. Just working effectively isn’t enough, it is crucial to make the public understand why this business is important to you in particularly.