On November 29, 2017 Ukrainian State Film Agency, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation, and “Initiative for the Future” NGO introduced Ukrainian film at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), International Film Festival.
The interaction of scientists and business in Ukraine is a very topical issue of our time. Igor Iankovskyi, philanthropist and businessman, founder of the Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future", has been paying attention to this issue for a long time. On November 06, 2017 Igor Mykolaevych will participate in the discussion "Science, business, and innovations. What is the main?". During the round table with the participation of scientists and businessmen, we will find answers to the question of what innovation is, what innovations are of interest to business; are ready investors to invest in high-tech projects; and who has the first to start a dialogue - business or academics?
Last year Ukrainian government launched the most challenging, yet crucial medical and pension reforms. Large-scale social transformations are always painful: people are not ready to accept the new reality and reformers to explain the essence of the reform. Meanwhile, one of the spheres that have required a major update for a long time, experienced surface alterations so far. I mean the reform of secondary education.
At some moment, the value of technicians will diminish significantly while the humanities will help to answer the “ungooglable” questions.
"RBK-UKRAINE". Igor Iankovskyi: The ultimate condition to start any business activity is positive thinking. Positive attitude is towards the accomplishment of your aim. Success depends not only on desire to do something, but also on believing in you. Just working effectively isn’t enough, it is crucial to make the public understand why this business is important to you in particularly.