Nov 21 2016

On Sunday, the 20th of November 2016, Ukrainian State Film Agency, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and NGO “Initiative for the Future” have conducted a number of actions under common theme – “Focus Ukraine” at the XX “Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival” (PÖFF), the first such event in history of the Festival.

Under the “Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event 2016” the section “International Works In Progress” presented 14 most prospective movie projects under production from all-around the world. Among them – three full-length pictures that are being realized with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency: “When the Trees are Falling” by Marysia Nikitiuk (winner of the Agency’s 7th contest round); “Bobot” by Maksym Ksiondza (winner of the Agency’s 7th contest round); “Izi” by Andrea Maniani (winner of the Agency’s 4th contest round). The movies have been presented by their directors. For them, the festival’s platform is also an opportunity for finding new partners, financial opportunities, co-production and distribution. Ukrainian movies have gathered a lot of interest from the audience of the main festival cinema theater “Apollo”, who vividly reacted over the seen.

After that, the Head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, Pylyp Illienko, had conducted a presentation entitled “Ukraine – Your New Co-Production Partner”, dedicated to the cinema actuality in Ukraine and the advantages that the country has to offer. The presentation followed by Q/A session, initiated by interested representatives from cinema industry. Ukrainian journey then has been followed by projection of a documentary by well-known director Vitalii Manskyi “Ridni”(“Kindred”), created in co-production with Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Germany.

“Ukrainian day” in Tallinn ended in “Sirius Hall” of the festive hotel “Nordic Forum” by grand reception in honor of Ukrainian cinema, organized by Igor Iankovskyi Foundation and NGO “Initiative for the Future” with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency. For the evening reception, the hall has been decorated in national colors of Ukraine. The reception reunited the representatives of dozens of countries, who came to the biggest film festival in Northern Europe. In fact, the event was so popular, that the audience doubled the organizers’ expectations. Opening the evening, the director of the Tallinn Film Festival, Ms. Tiyna Lokk, revealed, that it was her dream for years – to see Ukraine at PÖFF, and she was truly joyful to see this dream come true. Among the guests of Ukrainian reception were directors and selectionners of world film festivals, producers, directors, distributors, actors, cameramen, journalists and TV-animators.

“I am confident, that such a large-scale representation of Ukraine on the Tallinn international film festival will draw attention of the biggest players of cinema industry. This is our task – to show abroad the great potential of Ukraine in cinema, involve new investments to our cinema market. Such gatherings are initial steps for joint ventures, the birthplaces for new movie ideas, which will be created in co-production in the future. It is crucial for us to make a system of this process, for Ukraine not to be left aside the world cinema Universe. That is why we continuously support the representation of our country on the international film festivals”, - noted the philanthropist Igor Iankovskyi.

“It is of strategic importance for Ukraine to be representing its own cinema at “Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event”, as far as “Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival” is the only class “A” festival in Northern Europe; it is the place of gathering for the biggest movie production companies in the world. There are only 15 festivals in the world with this kind of privilege. For presentation in Tallinn, we chose those Ukrainian projects, which have been already remarked by other international festivals’ movie markets. Of equal importance was the presentation of Ukraine as a partner for co-production on our soil. It will help to attract dozens of millions of dollars to our country. That is why I’m grateful to Igor Iankovskyi Foundation who helped us to show a comprehensive image of Ukraine at this festival”, - commented Pylyp Illienko, the Head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

During several years, the philanthropist Igor Iankovskyi continuously supports the representation of modern Ukrainian cinema abroad. Due to this support, Ukrainian delegations seize the opportunities to take part in world film festival – in Cannes, Berlin, Karlovy Vary. Igor Iankovskyi Foundation gives the participation grants to young directors in order to represent themselves at international cinema events. Furthermore, founded by the philanthropist NGO “Initiative for the Future” have already contributed to realization of the “Days of Ukrainian Cinema” in Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - PÖFF is one of the biggest and one of the most atmospheric in Northern Europe, and the only in region included to the world’s top-15. The Festival comprises lots of side-events, tree full-scale sub-festivals (“Animated Dreams”, “Just Film” and “Sleepwalkers”) and other events of cinema industry, that reunite in Tallinn movies and cinema-makers from 70 countries from America to Asia.

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